Rules For All North Country Musher Races

All race participants are expected to understand and follow these rules:
  • NO whips, muzzles or full choke chains will be permitted.
  • Sleds and other equipment must be in safe working order.
  • Sleds must have a sled bag capable of carrying a dog.
  • Drivers will be required to carry fire starter and a knife on their person.
  • Drivers must have an operating headlamp in their sled bag or on their person.
  • Drivers must wear an orange or other brightly colored jacket or vest at all times while racing.

Notice to all drivers: All dogs participating in NCM events must have a current certificate of rabies inoculation signed by a licensed veterinarian. Dogs must also be current on Distemper. Proof of inoculation, original or Photostat copies, certificates or letter signed by a licensed veterinarian on his business stationary must be available for presented to the race secretary.

In addition we expect that you:

  • Treat everyone at the race site and on the trail with respect (race officials, trail help, other racers, spectatorís etc.). No verbal abuse will be tolerated.
  • Use good judgment in accessing your (or family members) capabilities when choosing the number of dogs to race. Draw on the experience of fellow mushers or the race officials if you have questions.
  • You are wholly responsible for the conduct of your dogs, your own conduct as well as those of the people who are traveling with you or handling for you.
  • Park in the same spot and clean up all waste at your truck (food, straw, poop, etc.) and any you may generate at the race site. Be prepared to take home your waste or deposit it at the race site if a receptacle is provided.
  • No tampering with anotherís dogs, dogís food or equipment. When feeding on the trail, clean up uneaten food.

The NCM and it's co-sponsor(s) believe sportsmanship and "good ethics" in the race area and on the trail are paramount to the success of multi-use trails. Failure to follow rules set up by sanctioning organizations may result in disqualification and/or expulsion from participation at future events.


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