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Hill Fun Run, 3rd Karen Jones Memorial Race - Hill, NH, Saturday & Sunday March 28th & 29th

Classes being offered: 6 dogs,  1-2 dog skijor. 

Mileage: 13 miles

Time:     8-8:30 check in (due to noise rules at Hill DO NOT ARRIVE before 8 AM.  Thank you!)
              9:15 Mandatory Drivers meeting.
              10:AM start, 6 dogs will go out first followed by the skijorers.  5 minute break between teams and skijorers.

Entries:  Pre-registration only.  Email Kim & Kelly at to sign up and let us know you are coming.
Limited to 15 dog trucks for parking reasons.

The trail will not be closed to other users. It will be posted a week earlier on the trail to warn snowmobiles of the upcoming race.  Strongly encouraged that lead dogs wear something bright, mandatory that all drivers wear a brightly colored jacket/vest.  Trail is wide and pretty much flat.

Mandatory Gear: Each sled should have a working brake, snow hook & sled bag.

Prizes: Please bring something fun to put in for a prize. Prizes will be awarded with first place choosing first after the race. Prizes do not have to be wrapped and should be around a $10.00 value.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no bathrooms at this location! There is a Dunkin Donuts a few miles from the race site.

Directions: From Bristol turn south onto Route 3 A. Follow for a few miles. Turn left onto Mountain Hill Road. Follow straight until you get to the parking lot.

Volunteers are always greatly appreciated!


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