Calendar of Events

March 11, 2018

Hill Fun Run - In Memory of Karen Jones
Bristol, NH

Class being offered: 6-8 dog 13 miles

8:30-9 AM Checkin
9:15 AM Driver Meeting
10 AM Race Start

Entry Fee: FREE but must have active NCM Membership

Each musher is asked to bring a prize of approximately $10 in value to put into the "pot". Racers will then pick a prize from the selection based on how they finish.

13 Mile course, class is 8 dog (can run 6-8). No purse or entry fee, prize only. Low key, fun season ender. Limit of 15 trucks, please let us know are coming so we can count trucks.

Please do not arrive before 8 AM. Dog noise is an issue at Hill so please do not leave dogs out all the time to bark. No bathrooms on site, there is a Dunkin Donuts a few miles from the race site.

Volunteers are always greatly appreciated! Please email Corina Alexander to pre-enter if you plan on racing, since truck parking is limited.